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Strong with its versatile team, PEAK has quickly evolved in the Services market,
Trusted by Startups as well as by Multinational companies, PEAK has proven itself
as a market leader. Take advantage of our well-rated skills and capabilities!

identity and access management

Companies need to move faster and more seamlessly than ever before. That means providing partners, employers, and clients with immediate, secure access to what they need, when they need it, wherever they need it. Identity and Access Management (IAM) enables them to do just that, granting IT total control, security, and compliance without friction.

PEAK team has been providing IAM Consultancy services for over 7 years (and counting). We have extensive experience with leading IAM products (Omada, Okta, FIM, ForgeRock…)


for custom IAM implementations

Implementing an IAM solution in your organization and in need of more hands? We help you develop and configure your custom requirements. Whether it is Omada coding, or Okta integration (or else), PEAK is your succsessful bet.

for speeding up your market launch

Strong with its large skillful team, PEAK will help you optimize your costs and speed up your MVP development. Whether it is your Core Business Logic or your Mobile app, PEAK has the right people for the right job.

hand in hand we design.

to bring excellence

An eye-catching UI and a sleek UX design is your gateway to success. Expose the power of your company and your products with state-of-the-art designs. We use the latest technologies and techniques to guarantee your users amazement.

to achieve your goals

Get over the competition and improove your customers growth and retention rates. Make sure your products are easy to use with clear designs and friendly UIs.

innovate! smart is great.

Startups that will change the world



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