Our philosophy at PEAK is to encourage and incubate technology based startups with innovative products and services. We aim to support, develop and spread the entrepreneurship mindset while supporting young people in starting their own business.

We believe that founding a startup is similar to giving birth, so that’s why our incubation program is 9 months long! This is how it works:

The team of experts and mentors will invite the startups who stand out for a one to one interview to give them the chance to present their project and idea in details. We also want to discover the chemistry between the team mates who are working on the project.

Everyone is invited to submit their startup idea via our website. Each idea and Incubation request will be carefully screened on various parameters set-up by experts and mentors to ensure that only commercially viable and scalable proposals get through.

Once you’re selected and integrated the program, you will be invited for a demo day to present your idea in front of potential investors.

At the end, you’ve joined the program as a team or simply as an individual and you’ll leave it as a founder and funded startup!

Join the peak incubator!

PEAK Incubation program is led by a group of experts that will help you to set up your startup structure as well as to define your product development and market strategies.

PEAK will also provide you with licenses and training to multiple development and management tools to make sure you are on the right track to success!

PS: The Incubator program is accepting applications from Tunisia-based Startups only at the moment.

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